The Story Behind It

So, our blog title and presence of possibly copyright-infringing material has a tendency to confuse people, and there is a reason why. You see, like everyone, Stacey and I grew up having our share of inside jokes, things that were so hilarious that they pretty much still make us laugh until we pee. One of the originals was the first time we saw Beauty and the Beast as kids, and we were enamored with the whole thing – great characters, great music.

Then, as the grand climactic fight draws to a close, and our gullible child minds were convinced the beast was dead, and then Belle gives him true love’s first kiss. And HUZZA! THE BEAST! HE LIVES! OH MY GOD THATS SO EXCITING – then he turns around. And….well, he’s ugly. Not just ugly, but nostril-flaringly fugly.


“He’s still gonna have his sexy beast voice at least, right?….Right?”

After we were crushed with disappointment and discussed how we preferred the Beast in Beast form, we even took to mocking the nostril-flared expression on his face to each other for guaranteed giggling fits. And now, 20 years later, that immature form of humor still delights us today.

And thus, when we decided to take our blog title from this particular childhood memory. Even if you never get it, every time we think about it, we laugh.


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