That was my answer when I was recently asked this question. However, this also got me to thinking about my actual work history – where I started, and where I am now. So here it is – my completely honest resume (that doesn’t quite match my LinkedIn profile): Mermaid Enthusiast (Birth – 1993): I wanted […]

As many of you are aware, Vladimir Putin wrote the US a Letter. Here’s his letter. Here’s my answer.  Dear Vlad: A Response Is it okay if I call you Vlad? Considering how many times I’ve seen you shirtless, I feel like our relationship with you has reached that level. Speaking of which, nice job […]

By Stacey I love Saturdays. It is the only day of the week I get to sleep in. I can’t sleep in on Sunday because I have an important territorial commitment Sunday mornings – specifically, some motherf-er will steal my Sunday paper if I don’t go out there early enough to claim it. However, I […]

To put this in some perspective, I’ve seen Waterworld, 3000 Miles to Graceland, and the Postman. That should be all the perspective necessary. If not, go watch those movies, preferably drunk, then come back and read.   Dear Mr. Costner;   You know, its funny. I really wanted to just type “Shut Up” and leave […]

By Stacey This Forbes article was, no joke, the first result in Google when I typed in wanting to be a writer: Why You Shouldn’t be a Writer: Did you read it? Cause I waited for you. If you didn’t, that’s ok (more reading is asking too much which I get – you’re just […]

By Mary We all give and experience all sorts of customer service throughout the course of life, unless you never had a job and have other people interact with service workers for you, in which case, stop reading this blog and go back to your mansion, you rich monster. Anyways, here are some observations on […]

By: Stacey This documentary is f-ed up. Did I already lose you at the word “documentary?” Just stay with me – I think they’re boring too. And honestly, this is probably the only one I’ve ever seen – but I can’t stop watching this one for some crazy ass reason. Let me summarize the story […]