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Game of Thrones: Why You Gotta Be Like That?

*SPOILERS AHEAD* I feel like I keep re-falling for the same prank over and over. Every Sunday, I sit on the edge of my seat hoping all my favorite people will live through the next 55 minutes. Surely, if the show’s spent time making me love them, then they’ll spend the proper time to finish […]

Cheese? Not At This Weight!

This article has pointed out an interesting new phenomenon: Feeling too fat to be photographed eh? Oh, I get it. Let’s also not forget feeling too bloated, ugly-clothed, over-pimpled, bad-haired, etc. It’s not even the photograph itself that scares people – it’s the likely chance that that photo will be shared with hundreds of […]

The Short Shower and the Betrayal

I want to do something different for this post and take you down memory lane. This story involves my sister and co-blogger, Mary, a shower, and the first truly shitty thing I ever did. When we were kids, certain things were forbidden for reasons I never understood. However, I was too young to make the […]

Oh No You Didn’t Birthday

I just turned 30. Here are 10 reasons why I shouldn’t actually be 30 yet: 1. I’m too short. 2. I still laugh super hard at farts. 3. I’m scared of the dark, so I sleep with my TV on. 4. I eat cool-whip, candy, and chips/dip for breakfast – regularly. 5. I still need […]

Ideal Job? Retired and Living on a Yacht of Course!

That was my answer when I was recently asked this question. However, this also got me to thinking about my actual work history – where I started, and where I am now. So here it is – my completely honest resume (that doesn’t quite match my LinkedIn profile): Mermaid Enthusiast (Birth – 1993): I wanted […]

I Still Hate You, Band

By Stacey I love Saturdays. It is the only day of the week I get to sleep in. I can’t sleep in on Sunday because I have an important territorial commitment Sunday mornings – specifically, some motherf-er will steal my Sunday paper if I don’t go out there early enough to claim it. However, I […]

Writing is Hard, and You’re Stupid

By Stacey This Forbes article was, no joke, the first result in Google when I typed in wanting to be a writer: Why You Shouldn’t be a Writer: Did you read it? Cause I waited for you. If you didn’t, that’s ok (more reading is asking too much which I get – you’re just […]