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8 Things I Learned While Job Hunting

    We’ve all been here. For whatever reason we have, we all had to get jobs at one point, because life is awful and requires it. But in a lot of ways, the mundane misery that comes with a paycheck and a title is dwarfed in comparison to the process it takes to actually get […]

Christmas Listocalypse: 2013!

I have trouble coming up with Christmas list ideas for the unfortunate sibling who draws my name for our secret Santa every year. And inevitably, as we get closer and closer to Christmas, the push to provide gift ideas increases, which leads me to desperately troll the internet for ideas. So now, for you viewing […]

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: A Review in Confusion

“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: A Review” or, “What the fuck is Going on? Ohhhh, okay.” Today I watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Starring the great Gary Oldman in a vintage-style spy thriller. Rather than give a long-winded review, I’m going to give you the commentary I was writing down as it happened. The movie follows […]

Dear Vlad: A Response

As many of you are aware, Vladimir Putin wrote the US a Letter. Here’s his letter. Here’s my answer.  Dear Vlad: A Response Is it okay if I call you Vlad? Considering how many times I’ve seen you shirtless, I feel like our relationship with you has reached that level. Speaking of which, nice job […]

An Open Letter to Kevin Costner

To put this in some perspective, I’ve seen Waterworld, 3000 Miles to Graceland, and the Postman. That should be all the perspective necessary. If not, go watch those movies, preferably drunk, then come back and read.   Dear Mr. Costner;   You know, its funny. I really wanted to just type “Shut Up” and leave […]

5 Ways to Drastically Improve Customer Service

By Mary We all give and experience all sorts of customer service throughout the course of life, unless you never had a job and have other people interact with service workers for you, in which case, stop reading this blog and go back to your mansion, you rich monster. Anyways, here are some observations on […]

Shut Up, Walgreens Lady

By: Mary You may ask why it is that one person who has literally no impact on my life would warrant an entire blog post, but sometimes, in a rare moment, the planets align in the 9th house of Stupidity, and a normally harmless idiot becomes an axiom of soul-breaking, brain-screwing lunatic stupid. I had […]