Game of Thrones: Why You Gotta Be Like That?


*SPOILERS AHEAD* I feel like I keep re-falling for the same prank over and over. Every Sunday, I sit on the edge of my seat hoping all my favorite people will live through the next 55 minutes. Surely, if the show’s spent time making me love them, then they’ll spend the proper time to finish their stories in a satisfactory way – at least for some of the favorites. Admittedly, I was naively overconfident with a few of the main characters because they’ve escaped death so many times – all the way into season 5 which is like 1,000 years in Game of Thrones time. But there you go again Game of Thrones, making me look stupid.

I know, I know –it’s my own fault. Game of Thrones takes place in land where you can’t get a sandwich without killing someone. Every year, we all know we’re going to lose lots of characters in episodes 9 and 10 – so why is it still so shocking to us when this happens?

Maybe it’s because the writing is brilliant. The show’s so good at lulling you into a false sense of security with beloved characters – only to abruptly kill them. Remember Ned Stark? Even though we should all know by now that it’s coming – we’re still surprised. We’re surprised because this show doesn’t use the standard formula we’re accustomed to seeing all the time. Our relatable heroes win, and the bad guys lose. It’s simple yes, but it’s what we like. However, Game of Thrones doesn’t deliver what we like – it delivers a middle finger resulting in a bunch of “oh no they didn’t!” conversations Monday morning.

And yet no matter the anger or frustration these shocking deaths cause, you find yourself inexplicably watching the show again. You think you’ll never like anyone as much as Ned Stark, only to find yourself stupidly, liking someone just as much again.

This show even makes us feel odd sympathy for characters we love to hate like Cersei Lannister. You’ve wanted nothing but to see something wipe that smug smile from her face, but when it finally happens in the form of a naked shame walk – you feel…sorry for her?!?! I even find myself liking Jaime Lannister – the guy who evilly pushed little Bran Stark from a tower window. What’s next? Will I soon find myself hoping that Little Finger kills Ayra Stark?!? I guess I shouldn’t assume that I won’t…

Or maybe – on the other hand – this is terrible writing. Maybe rather than thinking of appropriate story endings, you just chop someone’s head off and move on. I really don’t know which category this show falls into, and I’m in no state of mind to decide right now because I was definitely team Snow.

All I know is, even if this show keeps humiliating me, I’ll keep watching. It has some kind of weird hold over me, and as much as I swear in rage that I’ll never watch again, we all know that’s just not true. You and I will both be there again – even though we know better – sitting on the edge of our seats, watching our favorites horribly die off one by one – and we’ll keep coming back. There’s nothing to do now but accept it, make “Team White Walker” t-shirts, and wait to fall into the trap again in season 6.



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