Cheese? Not At This Weight!

This article has pointed out an interesting new phenomenon:

Feeling too fat to be photographed eh? Oh, I get it. Let’s also not forget feeling too bloated, ugly-clothed, over-pimpled, bad-haired, etc. It’s not even the photograph itself that scares people – it’s the likely chance that that photo will be shared with hundreds of people on social media.

In the old days, we could just be fat. It didn’t have to be spread all over the world wide Internet via Facebook. You could have an unflattering photo, and at most, it would just live in some photo album you kept tucked away in the closet. But that’s just not the case today. Today, many of us live with the paralyzing fear of having a triple-chinned photo shared with virtually everyone we’ve ever met. It’s only natural that we’d want to portray our lives in the best light possible, since Facebook has made each of us a sort of celebrity.

But therein lies the problem – the bulk of us aren’t actually celebrities, and there are going to be points in our life where we don’t look good – and we can’t fake it. And you know what? That’s ok. It’s more than ok, it’s hilarious. Let me use myself as an example.

My mom and I went to Europe. It was our first trip to a foreign country, and we had decided to do it “ugly” because we just wanted to wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and come back alive. Well, mission accomplished on both fronts.

When I was in Paris, I honestly wasn’t thinking about my $4 dollar Target Polo shirt and boyish capris shorts. I was too busy shaving my legs in bidets and having a great time! (Yes, I shaved my legs in a bidet one morning in Paris because I thought it was a shaving station for short people. I distinctly remember thinking “Europeans are shorter!” However, it turns out, that a bidet is some kind of secondary toilet that shoots water into your butt. Now you know too and won’t make the same mistake.)


But I digress. When we came back from Europe, my mom and I were excited to see how the pictures turned out. Of course if I had it my way, I’d want to look celebrity-good if I could. But alas – we looked terrible. To be more specific, we looked frumpy, overly-touristy, and chubby. However, there was a silver-lining to the failed photos – the pure comedy. We never laughed so hard looking through those unflattering shots. My mom laughed super hard at one photo in particular where her outfit looked really bad. She even coined a new phrase “ca-pants” which stands for pants that are so terribly ill-fitting they are neither pants or capris, but a bad combo of both.

So in the end, we didn’t come back with Facebook-worthy, glamour-shot photos. But that really wouldn’t have been representative of us anyways. We’re imperfect, and well, human. And humans are both naturally disgusting and hilarious if you really think about it – so just embrace it, and let it be photographed I say!

If you still don’t believe me that bad shots aren’t comedy gold – I’ll leave you with this to try once again to change your mind:

Nailed It


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