Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Grizzly Man

By: Stacey This documentary is f-ed up. Did I already lose you at the word “documentary?” Just stay with me – I think they’re boring too. And honestly, this is probably the only one I’ve ever seen – but I can’t stop watching this one for some crazy ass reason. Let me summarize the story […]

Shut Up, Walgreens Lady

By: Mary You may ask why it is that one person who has literally no impact on my life would warrant an entire blog post, but sometimes, in a rare moment, the planets align in the 9th house of Stupidity, and a normally harmless idiot becomes an axiom of soul-breaking, brain-screwing lunatic stupid. I had […]

Is that the Ding-Ding Man?

By: Stacey Animals in nature only run after prey or because they are the prey. We humans run because we are either chasing after ice cream, or so we can talk about it on Facebook. I myself jog, but because my body is equivalent to that of a 79 year old woman, and I’m trying […]