Monthly Archives: June 2013

A Fino Vacation

by: Mary How do you take vacations? Do you set up in a airplane, plug in the ol ipad, pick at your tiny peanuts, and wait for the time to pass? Do you sit in a car, tuning out the infrequent, yet horrendously awkward sing-alongs, the tepid and uninteresting conversation, praying for a meteorite to […]

Starting with the Ugly

By: Stacey When I first started thinking about writing a blog, I was hesitant because I thought that – in the event that this blog totally sucks – that would kinda be really embarrassing. But after some more thought, I decided to let it all out there anyways, crap and all. However, I decided to […]

Intro Time!

So, our blog title and presence of possibly copyright-infringing material has a tendency to confuse people, and there is a reason why. You see, like everyone, Stacey and I grew up having our share of inside jokes, things that were so hilarious that they pretty much still make us laugh until we pee. One of […]